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Due to the African Nile Crocodile being on the CITES endangered list, we no longer endorse or distribute the Repcillin range. At the time of writing this page, the Repcillin product range has been forcefully removed from

We have found a more responsible product that is made here in the USA. Gator Oil is not available for purchase online through Amazon.


Repcillin is not available in the USA through African Cures :

Repcillin skin balm is made from the oil of the African Nile Crocodile. The African Nile Crocodile is listed on the CITES Endangered Species List. African Cures has taken a conscious decision not to use any products that come from Endangered Species.

African Cures USA has in turn created a skin balm that contains oil from the American Alligator, this is a reptile that is not on the CITES Endangered Species List.

Repcillin vs. Gator Oil

Both of these products are great for helping the skin go through troubled times.  Repcillin is the trusted name when it comes to natural skin balms, it has been on the market for a few years. The only issue that African Cures USA has with Repcillin is the fact that it is produced from something that is on the CITES Endangered Species List.

Gator Oil on the other hand it not produced from endangered animals. Gator Oil is produced here in the USA from organic ingredients. The process of removing the Alligator Oil is also high above the way in which Repcillin extracts the Crocodile Oil. Gator Oil also contains two ingredients that are not found in Repcillin, this is the Aloe Ferox Powder and the Bulbine Frutescens. These two ingredients are powerful and natural that have been proven to help the human skin.

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